More Engine Power, Better Fuel Mileage

Not everyone understands this but an increase in horsepower can often translate into improved fuel economy. Many of the cars coming out will reflect this trend, but you don’t have to buy a new ride in order to see improvements. We’ve got four ideas for improving power without hurting fuel economy so please keep reading to discover technology options available to you.

Hybrid car lovers are in the limelight thanks to cars that do an excellent job of managing fuel. Unfortunately, not every model has the corresponding power, stealing the fun away from driving. Even with gas prices at $4 and above, some of us still want to enjoy our rides.

Four Power Parts That Are Sure To Please

  • Power chips and programmers. Whether you replace your car’s computer chip or enhance it with a power programmer, in either case you can achieve significant gains in horsepower and thrust. By overriding the factory limitations imposed on your ride you can get more power for a small investment.
  • Reusable air filters. Now this is a part that the environmentalists love: air filters which can be used over and over again. That’s right, no need for you to contribute waste to overflowing landfills by adding in paper filters once a year. Instead, air filters built for race cars can be put in your car and reused. Your engine breaths better and a better breathing engine eats less fuel. And that means your fuel economy improves!
  • Cold air intakes. That low growling noise coming from underneath your hood is your engine telling you that it loves its new air intake. Engineered to suck up colder, denser air a cold air intake delivers the “food” that your engine wants. Again, just like the other parts mentioned, your engine runs smoother and fuel economy increases. What is the best part? A cold air intake is an awesome looking addition to your engine bay a show stopper next time you put your car out on display.
  • Performance exhausts. Yes, your stock exhaust system just doesn’t do what it should do. To begin, it works against your engine and not with it. More accurately, power flow is inhibited and your engine works harder and sucks up more gas in the process. With those wider pipes found in a performance exhaust system you can gain more horsepower, realize greater torque, and see your fuel economy rise as your engine and exhaust work in complete unity.

Go With Performance Parts

Some of the parts and gadgets available through your local auto parts store are adequate for your car’s needs, but they do nothing to help boost power. Performance parts, on the other hand, are specifically engineered to maximize power and can improve fuel economy. No, I’m not going to recommend specific brands, rather I encourage you to do some research to find out which products work best with your make or model of your car.